1951 Tehran, Iran

1970 Studied Painting, Xylography and Chalcography, Torino, Italy

Solo Exhibitions in Iran (Tehran)
2014 Assar art Gallery (Painting)
2012 Haft Samar Gallery (Painting & Chalcography)
2010 Homa Art Gallery (Chalcography & Painting)
2009 Assar Art Gallery (Chalcography)
2007 Haft Samar Gallery (Painting & Chalcography)
2002 Haft Samar Gallery (Chalcography)
2000 Aria Gallery (Painting)
1996 Haft Samar Gallery (Painting & Monoprint)
1994 Seyhoun Gallery (Painting & Monoprint)
1991 Seyhoun Gallery (Painting)
1978 Iran-America Society (Painting)
1977 Litho Gallery (Xylography)
1975 Tehran Gallery (Painting)
1971 Ghandriz Gallery (Painting)

Group Shows in Other Countries
2010 8th International Triennial of Printmaking-AMAC-Chamalieres, France (Chalcography)
2009 The Ninth International Biennial of Engraving, Acqui Terme, Italy (Chalcography)
2006 The Seventh International Triennial of printmaking-AMAC-Chamalieres, France (Chalcography)
2004 Contemporary Art of Iran, Geneva, Switzerland (Painting)
2000 Exhibition of Modern Persian Art, the Third Biennial Conference on Iranian Studies, Maryland, USA (Painting)
2000 Atrium Gallery, "The Silent Brush", Washington DC, USA (Painting)
2000 The Center of Iranian Modern Arts, New York, USA (Painting)
2000 International Artexpo, New York, USA (Painting)
1997 The Ninth Triennial of Contemporary Art, New Delhi, India (Monoprint)
1975 Istituto Statale d'Arte Urbino, Italy (Xylography)

Group Shows in Iran (Tehran)
2014 & 1013 Laleh Art Gallery (Chalcography)
2012 Mahe Mehr Gallery, “POSTPOP” (Chalcography)
2011 Haft Samar Gallery. (Chalcography)
2010 Iranian Artists’ Forum (Chalcography)
2010 Mellat Art Gallery (Chalcography)
2008 Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation, Painting-Chalcography, "The Greatest Show of the Year"
2007 The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, the First Biennial of Printmaking (Xylography- Chalcography)
2004 Vahdat Hall, Tehran Art Expo (Painting)
2003 The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, the Sixth Biennial of Contemporary (Painting)
2003 la Scuola Italiana di Tehran (Chalcography)
2001 Iranian Artists' Forum, "Imagery in the Iranian Painting" (Painting)
1999 Aria Art Gallery (Chalcography)
1999 Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation (Monoprint)
1999 The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, the First Tehran International Contemporary Drawing Exhibition (Drawing)
1998 Sabz Art Gallery (Monoprint)
1996 Aria Art Gallery, Monoprint (Monopaint)
1995 Khavaran Cultural Center (Painting)
1994 The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, the Second Biennial of Iranian Painters (Painting)
1994 Haft Samar Gallery (Painting-Monoprint)
1993 Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation (Painting)
1992 The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, the First Biennial of Iranian Painters (Painting)
1991 The International Fair Ground, the First Specialized Export Exhibition of Painting (Painting)
1988 Karpay Gallery (Painting)
1984 Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation (Painting)
1980 The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (Painting)
1979 The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art( Xylography-Painting)
1978 Iran Gallery (Ghandriz), (Painting)
1974 Ghandriz Gallery (Painting)