1977 Hamedan, Iran

Solo Exhibitions
2015 Left Face, Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012 No! The History Is Not Written by the Victors…, Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2009 The Steps Gallery, London, UK
2008 Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2005 Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions
2012 Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2009 101: Oil and Its Aftermath, Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2008 Art Expo, Saba Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2007 Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2007 Mah-e Mehr Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2001 Niavaran Palace, Tehran, Iran

Art Fairs
2015 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2014 ArtInternational Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2012 Art Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2011 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE
2010 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2010 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Public Collections
2009 The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran

2014 There is a Tree in the End of the World, novelette, Saales Publication
2013 Ayeel, novelette, Saales Publication
2012 Rueen, novelette, Saales Publication
2010 Sleeping in Street, aphorism, Nazar Publication
2010 From the Unexpectedness of Culture, aphorism, Saales Publication
2009 Art and Minority Discourse, selected essay, Soureh Publication
2008 Art and Hidden Mechanism (selected essays, 2001-2007), Saales Publication