At the End of the Day
29 November -20 December, 2019


Assar Art Gallery presents the latest works by Amin Nourani titled At the End of the Day. In his second exhibition with the gallery, Nourani exhibits seven oil canvases. What these works have in common is the light of the dusk in each painting, which also implies the title of the show.

In this series, Amin Nourani, once again, tries to get close to a painterly feeling. His recent works are created by combining his imagination with real photographs that inspire him, in addition to his deep knowledge of history of art.

The photos of Sadegh Hedayat strolling and socializing in the nature, the romantic and illusive mood of his creations and his general state of mind, in addition to the landscape paintings of the 19th century by painters such as Corot, and the nifty and imperative imagination of Amin Nourani all and all have had a significant role in creating these works. To him, the act of painting is of great importance and this time, he, who was inspired by Hedayat’s thoughts and imagination, has set aside his source of inspiration and created some imaginary scenery at his own studio.

Amin Nourani who is always trying to connect contemporary painting with the traditions of painting after the European Renaissance, has succeeded in this series to execute his perception of nature without recreating reality directly.

One of the major characteristics of Amin Nourani’s painting procedure is that he starts working on several pieces simultaneously, then each work goes through significant changes in the course of time and turn into something totally different. And the works in this series, are no exception to this rule. For instance, the initial “subject” of the current show was set aside in the process of painting, human figures were removed from the canvases, the background landscapes came forward to the foreground and the final composition was formed completely different from the initial photographs.

Amin Nourani was born in 1964 in Tehran where he currently lives and works. He has exhibited his works in six solo exhibitions and over 50 group exhibitions in Iran and abroad.