Insomnia, a group exhibition of paintings by young Iranian artists
19 February -4 March, 2016



Damonfar Gallery in collaboration with Assar and O Galleries is pleased to present 'Insomnia', a group exhibition of works by young Iranian artists curated by Pooya Aryanpour opening on Friday, 19th February 2016. The exhibition runs through Friday, 4th March 2016

A decade ago, Damonfar company organized and held ‘Damonfar’s Contemporary Arts Festival’ to introduce and promote the young generation of artists. The idea behind this event was to promote the motivated youth as the future-makers of our society. By adequately presenting the works of this generation of young artists, the aim was to introduce and also to manifest their concerns, abilities, strength, and personal characteristics to the audience.

The upcoming exhibition ‘Insomnia’ is focused on the young generation’s state of sleeplessness that results in a form of social delirium, forgetfulness and an acute state of restlessness. ‘Insomnia’ tries to convey the imaginative side of the artists creating art that are the result of this state of mind; a state of mind that can either trigger the imagination and creativity or result in anxiety and incoherence.

This exhibition wishes to present the audience with the best of artists and artworks promoted by Damoonfar throughout the years. The exhibition, held between the two galleries simultaneously, will showcase around fifty artworks by 20 selected artists and wishes to present an exciting array of artworks by some of Iran’s most active and interesting young generation of artists.

Born in 1971, Pooya Aryanpour is regarded as one of Iran’s most celebrated established artists.  With an MA in Painting and years of experience as a professional artist exhibiting worldwide, Aryanpour has been an avid educator as well as actively organising and curating exhibitions promoting young artists.  The upcoming exhibition is organised in collaboration with Assar Art Gallery and O Gallery and artists’ studio visits and the final selection of works is the result of cooperation between Aryanpour and Assar Art Gallery’s Maryam Majd.