No! The History Is Not Written by the Victors ...
26 October -21 November, 2012

Assar Art Gallery is pleased to present No! The History Is Not Written by the Victors …, an exhibition of paintings by Babak Roshaninejad. 
With 10 works on display, Babak Roshaninejad’s works for this exhibition are selected from his different series: Personae, Interlude, Trilogy, Sleeping in the Street, and No! The History Is Not Written by the Victors, I Write the Damn Thing! which are all extensions of one another.  Playing with such concepts as identity, prototype manipulation as a result of exaggerated and out of context objects against flat surfaces and tools of power, given that there still exists an opportunity for the creation of something new, the work on his series are not finished with these concerns as reoccurring motifs in his works. 
More than what each of these objects represent due to their own true nature or how they may be perceived by the viewer or what meaning or significance they may communicate, Roshaninejad is concerned with the form, the color that he chooses to paint these objects and the quality that he reaches after juxtaposing these unrelated objects.  That is, to him what matters above anything else is how these works are perceived visually as a composition. 
Being known for his heavily applied large scale oil technique, Roshaninejad has a limited and specific palette with the colors gray, brown and yellow being his favorites.  Being selective about color allows him to create works that are more graphic-like or more precisely using graphic in the role of subject in his works.  And painting with traditional tools, namely oil, despite various new media, allows him to further emphasize on his painterly technique and the actual act of painting. The rhythm of the palette knife and the thickness and body of paint, the feeling each color induces and the solidity of color, have an aesthetic nature as well as being visual metaphors. 
Born in 1977 in Hamedan, Iran, Babak Roshaninejad is a self-taught painter who has participated in several national and international exhibitions and art fairs.  His works are part of some important international private collections as well as the collection of The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.  He currently lives and works in Hamedan.  Apart from painting, he has also published several books of fiction and aphorism.