The Practice, Within Uncertainty
9 December -28 December, 2011

Assar Art Gallery is pleased to present Insecure Realm, the exhibition of new paintings by Amin Nourani running from 9th until 28th of December 2011.
In his works, Nourani reflects the societies he knows.  His subjects normally swirl around ordinary people in special circumstances or special people in ordinary circumstances.  In his world of ideas, he feels more comfortable depicting those he knows personally and situations that he understands well.
Insecure Realm series is a collection of figurative still-life oil paintings alongside emotionally charged subjects.  In this body of work, the artist portrays his own friends and relatives in familiar locations and brings about a collection that depicts moods and emotions those close to him feel.  The idea of personal and public space and how the two collide and influence each other to shape an individual’s emotional and psychological stance in life was the main motive behind the creation of this series.
Amin Nourani was born in 1965 and was trained as a painter in the University of Fine Arts in Tehran. He has participated in over fifty national and international group exhibitions and art fairs and has held numerous solo shows in the country.