1978 Mashhad, Iran

2009 M.A, painting, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions
2023 O Gallery, Paradox lV, Tehran, Iran
2020 Assar Art Gallery, Paradox lll, Tehran, Iran
2019 Assar Art Gallery, Paradox ll, Tehran, Iran
2018 Sarvestan Gallery, Kerman, Iran
2018 Artin Gallery, Mashhad, Iran
2018 Assar Art Gallery, Bisotun, Tehran, Iran
2016 Azad Art Gallery, Black Forest II, Tehran, Iran
2015 Azad Art Gallery, Black Forest I, Tehran, Iran
2014 Azad Art Gallery, Khawarnaq II, Tehran, Iran
2012 Azad Art Gallery, Khawarnaq I, Tehran, Iran
2010 Azad Art Gallery, Paradox, Tehran, Iran
2005 Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2003 Iranian Artist’s Forum, Tehran, Iran
2002 Shahed Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Art Fairs
2019 TeerArt, Tehran, Iran
2018 Teer Art, Tehran, Iran

2005 Selected as best artist, Scenery from Iranian Contemporary Artist’s View, Tehran, Iran
2004 Selected as best artist, the 3rd International Painting Biennale of the Islamic World, Tehran, Iran
2000 Winner of the 1st prize, Persian Painting’s Festival, Mashhad, Iran

Other Activities
Author and critic of visual arts, Herfeh Honarmand [Profession Artist] and Tandis magazines
2007-2009 Visual arts editor at Ayeneh-ye Khial Magazine