Assar Art Gallery at Art Dubai 2011


Assar Art Gallery is pleased to announce its exhibition at the 5th edition of Art Dubai running from 16th to 19th of March 2011, featuring paintings and installations by five of the gallery’s artists in residence, Azadeh Razaghdoust, Babak Roshaninejad, Reza Lavassani, Roxana Manouchehri and Sadegh Tirafkan.
Working intuitively and each with their unique approach to creative expression, the artists have produced a striking collection of works responding to their personal perceptions and connection to the subjects of survival, belief and religion. In visual language, their independent artistic voices create a special aesthetic tableau inspired by the rich links between tradition and cultural life in Iran.
Reflecting on his intense philosophical outlook on life, Roshaninejad expresses his resistance against the mainstream through his thickly applied oil colours while Reza Lavasani’s
Papier-mâché sculpture of a tree made entirely of recycled paper, is a poetic reference to sacredness of trees in ancient Persian culture. Through glass painting, a traditional Iranian religious art making technique, Manouchehri merges two different identities by depicting religious tales on arch glass windows similar to those used in Gothic Churches. 
Tirafkan’s installation is a detailed arrangement of carefully designed bulbs to project a playful lighting effect and while produced based on familiar Islamic aesthetic codes, goes beyond the traditional styles of religious expression and
Azadeh Razaghdoust tries to express feminine dilemmas and frustrations through painting visually emotional letters.
As an active and enthusiastic participant in international programs, Assar Art Gallery wishes to stimulate, enhance and promote the diverse visual culture of the region
in this year’s Dubai Art Fair that has become the definitive destination for culture and the arts in the region. It also aims to draw the attention of professionals worldwide in the field of arts and culture to the rich, sophisticated and thriving visual arts of Iran and help promote some of the most active and interesting works by a group of artists who play a central role in shaping the artistic mood of contemporary Iranian art scene.