Assar Art Gallery at ArtInternational Istanbul 2014


26,27,28 September 2014

Halic Congress Centre, IstanbulSadabad HallBooth

Assar Art Gallery is pleased to announce its participation at the 2nd edition of ArtInternational Istanbul showcasing latest works by five of its represented artists: Alireza Adambakan, Mohammad-Hossein Emad, Reza Lavassani, Ahmad Morshedloo and Babak Roshaninejad.

This exhibition aims to present a robust and diverse range of art works coming from one of the most unique countries of the Middle East region. Alireza Adambakan’s painting Moribund is the reflection of his innermost feelings towards tradition and religion; notions that have been significantly present throughout his upbringing and are reflected in his paintings.  In the sculpture entitled Interior, Mohammad-Hossein Emad presents another work derived from his long-time engagement in examining spiritual transition and lightness through art. Emad is generally known for his special use of wood and metal and since 2012 he has switched to using synthetic material while engaged in experimentations with light which will ultimately finish his unique sculptures.  As well as a painter, Reza Lavassani is known particularly for his large-scale unique papier-mâché sculptures of poetic and mythical characters and objects. For this show, the gallery presents the artist’s latest piece entitled Life, a masterful and carefully detailed creation of homely objects observed and made lovingly still carrying the artist’s signature aura of poetic reflections. Ahmad Morshedloo’s large introspective piece of painting entitled Post Suspension is another depiction of the artist’s personal reading of a society he not only identifies with but also manages to express in visual context.  As a social painter, Morshedloo is known for his masterful large-scale ink drawings and paintings, portraying some of the most contemporary images of a society on the verge of constant change. Babak Roshaninejad’s diptych portrait is another work on display, recognisable by the artist’s distinct figurative style and heavy and rough application of oil paint. Roshaninejad’s approach to painting as an abstract expressive tool and the choice of his subjects depict his deep rooted and contemplative ideas about form, existence and reality.

As a regular and enthusiastic presence, Assar Art Gallery wishes to engage with a varied range of audiences, professionals and art enthusiasts from around the world by showcasing carefully selected works by some of Iran’s most celebrated and important contemporary artists at the peak of the career.

In this year’s show, the gallery will also present its recently published Gallery Book, consisting of a thorough look at Assar artist’s wide range of series, works and projects