Assar Art Gallery at ArtInternational Istanbul 2015


Assar Art Gallery is pleased to announce its second time participation at the 3rd edition of ArtInternational Istanbul taking place from 4 to 6 September 2015 at Istanbul’s Haliç Congress Centre.

The gallery will present latest works by seven of its representing artists: Iman Afsarian, Samira Alikhanzadeh, Reza Azimian, Mohammad-Hossein Emad, Ahmad Morshedloo and Mojtaba Tajik in booth C7. There will also be a special screening of Payam Mofidi’s latest video installation at the fairs’ Videos on Stage section curated by Basak Senova.

This year’s exhibition will embrace the interplay of themes by the gallery’s selected artists, their relationships with their subjects and their approach towards representation. In this selection, Iman Afsarian has as always used his exceptional techniques of representation, this time being particularly focused on light. His latest painting entitled Virgin Mary is a metaphoric depiction of elements so as to refer to an annunciation. Samira Alikhanzadeh has begun using damaged or disposed photographs she has found on the streets or in trash to create her iconic works while Reza Azimian emphasizes on the contrast and juxstaposition by depicting a delicate figure of a woman and the immense amount of void and monotony surrounding it. Mohammad-Hossein Emad’s latest sculpture entitled Ingurgitation is inspired by excessive state of greed and voracity that surrounds us in contemporary societies. Ahmad Morshedloo’s work, Resonance of Silence, is a polyptych presenting his observation of today’s Iran being challenged by elements of hope, loss, constant change and shifts, and Mojtaba Tajik, despite following his signature approach in the choice of colour, form and subject, reveals his underlying references to social class inequality in his latest painting Building 17. Payam Mofidi’s three-piece video installation Cohesive Disorder 1,2 and 3 presents the viewer with an uncomfortable situation where a perception is formed at the crossroads of the viewer’s point of view and the three interconnected video panels.

Assar Art Gallery is dedicated to advancing and promoting the best of Iranian contemporary and modern art. Known for quality presentation, representing Iranian masters and placing important collections and archives into major public institutions, Assar has played an important role in Iran’s art scene in the past 15 years. The gallery has also published numerous books and catalogues on Iranian contemporary and modern art.